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Carmo Convent

An astonish venue

When in the 14th century one of the greatest Portuguese Generals (Nuno Álvares Pereira) ordered the construction of a simple monastery in the earth of Lisbon he was for from imagining that in the year of 1755 a massive earthquake would destroy almost half of it. As a tribute to all the victims of the earthquake the King decided to leave this building out of the restoration plans of the city. Thanks to this action the Carmo Convent Ruins provide now one of the most astonishing settings in Portugal for any type of event. Sitting right in the middle of the former nave you will be surrounded by the 14th century arches and century old toms that despite its simplicity can overpower our senses by its magnitude.

  • "Above only sky as you wine and dine at the sound of music and the light of the candles and the stars."