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Conde d'Óbidos Palace

Your event deserves all the charm!

The Óbidos Count's Palace, located at Lisbon, is a magnificent historical building that was raised on the XVII century, by order of the 1st Count Dom Vasco De Mascarenhas. Exclusivity on this venue is as well a privilege that has survived to time. The wealthy but elegant decoration on its spaces, considering the vestibule, the atrium and, the most charming and, restricted areas, like the Library, the Supreme Council room, among other elegant spaces, have its peak on elements like high quality blue and, white tiles and, paintings that fulfill the ceilings. This is a palace that invites you to travel back in time, involving you on the heritage of the ancient Portuguese and, European nobility.


  • "It is therefore an atmosphere of elegance that persists between the palace walls that have resisted through centuries."