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Kais Restaurant

An intimate and welcoming atmosphere 

The restaurant Kais born form the recover work of an ancient warehouse side by side with Tagus River, where on the end of the 19th century, the electricity for the Lisbon trams was powered. The design and, decoration of the interiors has the unequivocal signature of Maria José Salavisa, that invested on the maintenance and, respect of the original industrial aspect. The reflection of this work, deeply expresses the thought of the architect Otto Wagner. "The structure of a building and the materials used should be visible". For this reason the original iron structure and, the details of the ancient work-shop were kept. The millenary olive trees are an historic invocation of the past and, a symbol of happiness; on the entrance, the water that flows for an artificial small lake, suggests the connection with the ocean and, with the Portuguese Discoveries times; the big windows give the chance of contemplating the stars that were observed by the ancient navigators, as guidance, on their glorious odysseys. The ambiance industrial-chic is created by the furniture inspired on Frank Lloyd Wright and, by the game of lights and candles that transforms the immense room on intimate and welcoming atmosphere. Being a restaurant, it would never be a masterpiece, if it would not offer a rich and elaborated gastronomy, with a service of superior reference.


  • "A result of the investment on the best professionals, that with their knowledge and talent, welcome and offer you moments of rare pleasure."