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Stock Exchange Palace

An emblematic building  

In the historical Ribeira quarter of Porto a group of business men gathered every year to discuss their commercial activities in the area: the Port Wine, the naval construction, the textile manufacturing and many others giving origin, in 1834, to the Commercial Association of Porto. In their constant search for a sumptuous building to represent their power and wealth they’ve found the ruins of an old Franciscan monastery, donated by the Queen of Portugal, and the reconstruction started! The old cloisters were transformed into a magnificent blazons hall that leads to an imposing granite staircase that welcomes you into the Stock Exchange Palace. Room after room the painted ceilings and wooden floors show the immense wealth still today displayed by this association. The crown of the Palace is the Arab Room with an astonishing neo-Moorish finishing where every little detail of the room was decorated in a true setting of an Arab tale. It is one of the most incredible settings to organize your event. Everything here leads to opulence and luxury. The Commercial Association back then (and still today) showed their magnificence to the rest of the world using these infrastructures and now it’s your time.

  • "One of the most beautiful buildings of Porto and one of the richest of Portugal"